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PRICE: RM650 (original px RM1199) include delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.

Delicately designed with flowing lines and a slender physique, this dressing table oozes an elegant charm, thanks to its vintage-inspired look. Mirror panels are hinged so that they can be adjusted to a primadonna's tastes and the stool is cushioned, encouraging lengthy sit-down conversations with oneself. At the end of a makeup session, a drawer opens to swallow up beauty essentials until it's time for a retouch or a playdate with tiny makeup artist wannabe. Comes in pristine white colour that will perfectly blend with bedroom furniture

Mirror Jewellery Cabinet v1
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PRICE: RM375 (original price RM799) include delivery within Peninsular Malaysia

Mirror Jewellery Cabinet v2
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PRICE: RM425 (original price RM999) include delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.

Delicate dames hoard all things shiny as jewellery cabinets store earrings, bracelets, necklaces, perfumes, watches and other accessories safely and in an organised manner within designated shelves. Full length and adjustable mirrored platforms allow dainty divas to reflect upon appearances and thoughts of blind dates while locking mechanisms keep precious possessions and secret love notes away

Mobile Cosmetic Cabinet
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PRICE: RM440 include delivery within Peninsular Malaysia. 

Since the Industrial Revolution, the wheel has earned the title of mankind's most beloved invention. Apart from making commutes less painful, they are widely used in circus acts and as floating devices. The Japanese Mobile Cosmetic Cabinet that features wheels at the base allows it to be pushed around for beauty junkies to do their make up at areas where the sunlight is most flattering. Take it out to the garden, to your bedside or right below the spotlight to experience being made up like a celebrity. This cabinet features a mirror that can be folded up when not in use and compartmentalized drawers ensure that beauty products are kept organised. To keep cosmetics company, the cabinet also features a drawer specially for jewellery, complete with watch holders for proper storage.